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Since 2007 the Road Safety and Simulation International Conference has been taking place every two years. 

Every edition was hosted by a different international institution, selected by the Permanent Steering Committee after assessing proposals submitted to the Call for hosting the upcoming RSS edition.

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organised by National Technical University of Athens (NTUA) and Hellenic Institute of Transportation Engineers (HITE)

NTUA, Athens (Greece)


The Conference’s theme “Road Safety and Digitalization” aimed to capture all recent trends in road safety emerging technologies, surrogate measures, augmented and virtual reality, big data, modeling and simulation, which are expected to boost global road safety in the coming years. 

About 350 delegates from all over the world in more than 140 papers and 25 sessions, will joined forces for a widely open discussion, presenting both traditional and innovative solutions with high potential for traffic safety improvement.



organised by National Advanced
Driving Simulator (NADS)
University of Iowa, Iowa City (USA) 


The selected conference theme “Transformation in Transportation” paved the way for participants to discuss the increasing levels of automation, the connected vehicles and the relationship with roads users.

A variety of technical tours and daily workshops were organised.

Some of the most advanced simulators in the world were visited by more than 130 delegates.



organised by Delft University of Technology (TU Delft) in co-operation with the Dutch Institute for Road Safety Research (SWOV).​
University of TU Delft, The Hague (NL)


The conference theme focused on advancing the safety conditions of all road users with special attention to vulnerable road users. About 250 delegates visited the conference and presented about 200 papers in more than 40 sessions.​


organised by University of Central Florida
and University of Tennessee
University of Central Florida, Orlando (USA)


More than 500 authors contributed to nearly 160 papers that were presented at several sessions.

About 250 persons visited the conference site, and 

a number of International peer-reviewed important journals (Accident Analysis and Prevention, Journal of Transportation Safety & Security, Advances in Transportation Studies, Journal of Intelligent Transportation Systems) published several Special Issues from papers presented at the Conference.



organised by Department of Engineering
Roma Tre University, Rome (Italy)


More than 600 authors contributed to the 200 papers presented in the 25 oral and poster sessions.

About 300 delegates attended the conference.

A wide selection of papers were published in several International peer-reviewed journals: Journal of Safety Research, Transportation Research Part C - Emerging Technologies, Analytic Methods in Accident Research, etc.



organised by Purdue University and
Transportation Research Board
Purdue University, Indianapolis (USA)

About 170 papers were presented

in 38 sessions.

More than 430 authors from over 35 different countries from all over the world contributed to the Conference. A selection of papers were published in Advances in Transportation Studies and in Accident Analysis and Prevention journals.



organised by INRETS
Laboratoire Central des Ponts et Chaussées, Paris (France)


Following the success of RSS2007 Conference, the RSS Permanent Steering Committee was established and the second edition of RSS took place at INRETS, Paris, in 2009.




organised by Inter Universities Research Center
for Road Safety (CRISS) 
Roma Tre University, Rome (Italy)


RSS2007 marked the first edition of the International Conference Road Safety and Simulation. The Conference received more than 200 scientific papers of which 150 papers were presented in 16 interdisciplinary sessions. About 500 attendees visited  the Conference and 60 delegates from Italian and international press agencies were present.

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